Junior Golf Association

Who are we?


PURPOSE: Establish a Junior Golf Association for the learning and development of the youth of members of Village Country Club in the game of golf.

ELIGIBILTY: Any child, grandchild, niece, nephew, or ward of a member, that has not reached their 18th birthday. A member of the Cabrillo Golf Team(s). (Seniors may play through the 1 September). There will be no green fees charged.

COMMITTEE: A Junior golf committee shall be established for the proper administration of the Junior Golf Program. It is responsible for determining eligibility and maintaining an active list of members; coordinating all activities with the Pro-shop and the VCC Golf Committee.

The Chairperson shall serve as a member of the VCC Golf Committee. Insure member learn proper golf etiquette and rules, and are supervised by an adult while on the golf course, or until they are issued a bag tag by the Pro-Shop. Golf will be year round, but on a non-interference basis approved in advance by the Pro-Shop.

Establish fees to cover cost of programs.
Maintain proper accounting of all funds received and dispersed.

The Chairperson of the VCC Golf Committee shall appoint the first Junior Golf Chairperson who will organize the Committee and carryout the responsibilities contained in this charter.

What do we do?

One of our main goals of our Junior Association is to further promote the "family atmosphere" at the Club through a strong commitment to a complete parent/junior activities program.

Our Junior Association calendar year begins June 1 and ends May 31. Applications are available upon request and may periodically appear in the Club's mailings. Applications are accepted through-out the year. A Junior bulletin board is located in the downstairs entry-way and all particulars are available from members of the Golf Shop Staff.

Since the formation of the Club in the early 60's much emphasis has been put forth in the perpetuation and support of Junior activities at the Club. Our history shows a year-round activity for our aspiring youths.

Beginning in early June our weekly clinics begin, offering a choice of a beginner class and one for the more advanced. Junior playing privilege bag tags are issued for Association approved golfers with competition scheduled weekly, awards and prizes are presented. Parents are encouraged to tutor and play often with the youth. Our Junior Championships are annually scheduled for August.

An event that is scheduled most months is our Adult/Junior Saturday event. A clinic is conducted for each category. Play on the course after the clinics emphasizes etiquette, rules and the rudiments of playing the game. Various special vacation activities are scheduled each year including social events.

Our Juniors, along with High School members are encouraged periodically to volunteer and assist the Club when large tournament activities are scheduled. Duties would include care of the golf course, cleaning golf clubs and assisting various committees at the Club.

There are many competitions at local area golf courses offered through-out the year and several Junior Golf Associations locally that may be joined in conjunction with the programs our Club offers. We here at the Club are very proud of our history of youth supported activities in our area.

Since the formation of the Club in the early 60”s, we have hosted our two local High Schools; Cabrillo High School from the beginning to current and Lompoc High School from the beginning to the early 80's when they moved to a facility closer to their school. Our Club has also hosted many CIF sponsored events, Coastal Valley and Santa Barbara Junior Associations events as well as local Boys and Girls, YMCA, and similar charity events. We are committed to continuing this history.

Yes we are a busy, positive group
enjoying our involvement with this great game.

To obtain an application, schedule or for more information, please contact our Golf Professional, Bob Kotowski at 805-733-3537 or proshop@villagecc.net